Wednesday, 11 December 2013

PACE student receives accolades for his excellent service

Romesh Surendra Kulmethe, 24 year old boy from Gadchiroli, completed his training in Housekeeping from PACE Aurangabad centre in September 2013 and was selected by Lemon Tree Hotel in Bangalore for a job. In only a month of starting work, he received excellent client service feedback and became a role model for his colleagues.

Below is the “Delight story of Romesh, Housekeeping Department, Lemon Tree Hotel Bangalore, Room no 716 Guest Ms. Gayatri” shared by his supervising housekeeper:

Ms. Gayatri Prasad (check in 02nd Dec 13 check out 06th Dec 13) was staying with us in room no 716 from the company Wipro (MD). While servicing her room, Romesh noticed that the guest had a soft toy on her bed side table. Romesh thought to use his towel art skill  to delight her and made different towel art each day throughout her stay. On her last day of stay, Ms. Gayatri called up Romesh and asked him to teach her one towel art. Romesh immediately took a towel and gave her a demo. Ms. Gayatri appreciated him for his art and mentioned that she has stayed in many hotels but this experience was exceptional.

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