Wednesday, 4 December 2013

A mother's success story

At the age of 22, Kaveri has overcome a wide array of obstacles to become a strong mother. Due to familial pressures, Kaveri was unable to finish her education. Rather than completing her schooling, Kaveri married at an early age and has since had two children. Because of her added responsibilities as a mother, Kaveri rarely left home. Although Kaveri wanted to contribute to her family’s wellbeing, she did not see a realistic opportunity that was available for someone who did not complete her education.

Kaveri’s life took a new turn when a mobilizer came to her village. The mobilizer was at her village to inform females about the bedside assistant program. When the mobilizer came to Kaveri’s home, Kaveri was not sold on the course. She was reluctant to take courses outside of her village and her husband was also not supportive. Her husband worked as a driver and did not want his wife leaving home. Rather than committing to the course, Kaveri decided to stop by an ongoing course.

During Kaveri’s visit to the center, she was pleasantly surprised by the depth of the curriculum and decided it was something she wanted to pursue. The first 10 to 15 days were extremely difficult for Kaveri. Because she had stayed at home for the past several years, she was not used to being in academic settings and having to retain large portions of information at a time. Motivated by her two children, Kaveri worked hard and continued the course. After several months of hard work, Kaveri is now a full time employee at a local hospital.

When asked what she would want others to know about her experience, Kaveri spoke specifically about other mothers. She said, “I would want other mothers sitting at home to know it is possible to continue your education, succeed at your job, and take care of your children. It seems impossible to ever leave the home, but it is possible.”

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