Friday, 6 April 2012

The story of Rekha Didi from Rajasthan

- by Yatin Shriwardhankar

Rekha always dreamt of a career in IT, but being the eldest of 7 children, she could not afford access to higher education. Having completed her schooling, she struggled to find a job with a decent pay. She learned about Pratham’s Education For Education(EFE)’s digital literacy program and upon completion of the training became an Entrepreneur in her rural village in Rajasthan.

She soon became the best performing EFE Entrepreneur in the state, and was given space to run her own center by the Gram-Sarpanch. She is committed to social responsibility and understands the limitations of students like herself; hence, she charges her students a fee ranging from Rs. 200-1000 based on their ability.

“Rekha Didi” is now a familiar face in her village, and is committed to helping EFE spread. Rekha now dreams of opening a successful computer center of her own, once the agreement with Pratham ends.

“I am very proud to be supporting my family financially and helping students like myself.” - Rekha Didi

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