Friday, 30 March 2012


‘The Voices of Pratham Institute’ is our effort to send you regular postcards from the field, present stories of our students who have completed a course with us, give you updates on our plans and programs, and hopefully get some feedback and contributions from you. Our bloggers will include Pratham program heads, field staff, teachers, center manager, business managers, students and hopefully some experts.

Just as a small introduction to what we do – At Pratham Institute for Literacy, Education and Vocational Training, we work across the country to provide individuals with employability skills thus addressing India’s growing need for skilled manpower. Our target students are typically those who have dropped out of school or have only completed their education up to the 8th or 10th std. These are usually youth who are eager to learn but are often forced to leave it to cater to family and financial pressures. We see it as our responsibility to make education for these individuals as holistic, satisfying and hassle-free as we can. More importantly however, it is up to us to spread awareness and build confidence among this enthusiastic set of youth.

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