Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Dinesh's Story

Dinesh before training (center)
Dinesh Prajapati, from the Madla district (Madhya Pradesh), was a peasant farmer who had passed 8th standard. His cousin brother was enrolled in the 1st batch at Khajuraho’s PACE Hospitality Training Center, and told Dinesh about it. Interested in joining, he met with the mobilizers when they came to his village to gain a better understanding about the course. His parents were not ready to send him away by himself, but he was eventually able to convince them.

Initially he was homesick and had a hard time adjusting to his new life. Gradually, he became more comfortable as he interacted with the other students and befriended them. He was disinterested in his studies when he used to be in school, but found himself engaged and excited to learn at the PACE center. He chose to take the housekeeping course because he loves decorating the room, especially the bed making aspect. He also learned basic English communication, computer knowledge and how to improve his grooming standards.

He was determined to find a good position in the hotel industry, and obtained placement in Park Prime with a stipend of Rs. 6000/- and all his meals covered. Not only does he want to help his parents with his earnings, but also wants to support his siblings so that they can receive a better education. His parents are proud of him. He wants to thank PACE Hospitality Training Center for giving him the opportunity to improve himself and lead a more fulfilling life.
Dinesh after training

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