Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Haricharan's Story

Haricharan before training, 2nd from the right

My name is Haricharan Prajapati, and I am from Chitrai, Khajuraho (Madhya Pradesh). I come from a poor family of seven children; my father cannot afford our studies. After I passed 12th grade, my father scolded me saying that he could not support my further studies so I ran away to Punjab to live with my cousin.

When a mobilizer from the Khajuraho PACE Centre visited my village, my father met with him and learned about the details of the course. My father asked me to return from Punjab and when I came back, he told me about the course. I was interested so my father borrowed money from his friend to pay for the course fees.

Haricharan after training
After learning about the different courses at the PACE Center, I chose the Food & Beverage (F&B) Department based on my interest. In the beginning, I did not understand anything but when we started the F&B and computer practicums I started to catch on and became more interested. I also learned the importance of punctuality and how to groom myself. Now I can even speak some English and follow a conversation after learning basic communication skills in class.

Since completing the course I have been placed at the Lords Inn in Gujarat with a stipend of Rs.4500/- in addition to food and accommodation. I have made my parents proud and I am extremely thankful to the faculty and the PACE hospitality training center.

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