Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Overcoming Hardship

Amrika was very young when she lost her mother. She craved love and companionship while growing up. Her father was an alcoholic and believed that sending Amrika to school was a waste of money; he did not believe in the education of girls. It wasn’t long before he abandoned her and left the house for good. Amrika moved to her maternal grandparents’ house at this point. She thought this was a positive change, but soon realized how wrong she was. Although she was allowed to go to school, she faced constant abuse from her uncle and aunt. To escape the abuse and earn her own living, she started working on a farm after school. She managed to complete her studies until the 10th Standard despite her long hours at the farm. Life was hard, but she learned to be independent.

Soon, she heard about the Hospitality Training Program at Pratham Institute. She discussed her apprehensions with the mobilizers and finally decided to enroll in the course. She saw this as an opportunity to permanently get away from the abuse and earn a stable income. She is currently enrolled in the housekeeping course.  

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