Friday, 1 November 2013

From grieving widow to determined employee

As a 22 year old, Bhalebar has had to endure many challenges that females her age have not had to go through. Despite the age, she is a widow as she lost her husband to a tragic accident. As a result, she currently lives at home with her parents. Her brother recently moved to Mumbai to work as a policeman. In contrast to her brother’s active live as a policeman, Bhalebar has stayed at home following her husband’s death. Due to the depression and sorrow brought on by the tragedy, Bhalebar had little reason to leave her home.

Bhalebar’s fate changed when a friend of hers told her about the bedside assistant course in the Latur. The course was described as an opportunity for her to have a long-term, stable occupation and consistent income. Because Bhalebar had not been used to being independent, she was not sure if she would be able to complete the course. Additionally, she was nervous about being responsible for taking care of other people.

Despite all of Bhalebar’s reservations about completing the course, she decided to give it a try. Today, she describes it as one of the best decisions of her life. The course itself provided her a rehabilitative experience. Going to class six days a week with other young women around her age gave Bhalebar the chance to interact and befriend others. It also made staying in the course much easier, despite the fact that Bhalebar thought it was a challenging course.

After Bhalebar completed the course, she was excited to start working as a bedtime assistant. The course helped bring her confidence up, and by the time it was for Bhalebar to begin her job, she felt prepared and competent. Now, she is an extremely valuable asset to her hospital. As a bedside assistant, Bhalebar interacts daily with patients, doing a wide range of activities. In regards to her current place in life, Bhalebar remarks, “My life has taken the first positive direction it has taken in over a year. I am finally happy.”

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