Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Ganesh's Unwavering Will

- by Malav Shah

Ganesh Gurmare is 20 years old and hails from a small village in the district of Gadchiroli. His father is a farmer who places tremendous importance on Ganesh's academics. Ganesh is a very bright student and always did well in academics. Despite this, his father was far from satisfied. He always said to Ganesh, "Become successful, then we'll see." Ganesh confessed that he studied hard just to see his father happy. By the time he reached college, his interest in academics had become negligible. Even though he attended no classes during his first year of B.A, he still managed to pass his exams.

Ganesh's family lives in moderate conditions, but his father is the sole earner which puts a lot of pressure on him. Ganesh wanted to do something substantial to support his family. This was when his friends, who were attending the PACE hospitality program in Aurangabad, told him about the same. When Ganesh told his parents that he wanted to drop out of his studies and join the hospitality program his parents blatantly refused. But, Ganesh was not one to give up so easily. He was determined and tried every trick in the book to change his parents' minds. Eventually, he even went on a hunger strike for 2 days before his parents gave in to his will. So, with 4 friends from his village he set out for Satara.

After the first few weeks  of classes, his friends dropped out. But, this did not deter him from completing his course. Ganesh is the only student at the Satara PACE centre to have scored a perfect score in all his examinations and tests. The trainers at Satara say that they have never seen a student like him in their entire teaching career. Ganesh completed his course with a perfect score and was offered a job at several hotels. Out of the many options, Ganesh chose to take up a job at Surat. While on his way to Surat, Ganesh  and a fellow student where ambushed, robbed and beaten up. Even though he was visibly disturbed and shaken up, he continued to look ahead.

Now Ganesh is about to start a different job at a hotel in Pune. He says that he is not going home until he has attained success. He is hopeful that a day will come when his father will be proud of him, for all that he has achieved.  This is a story of the fiercely determined Ganesh Gurmare. We see his perseverance and determination taking him places!

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