Tuesday, 9 July 2013

The Domino Effect

- by Janie Lee

(Priya, on the right, takes a picture with Sandhya and Deepali, the center head of the training center)

Priya, a 19 year old, is a star employee at a local hospital in Nasik. Prior to being a bedside assistant, Priya was unable to find a passion and struggling to contribute to her family’s income. The only source of income that her family received was through her father’s salary as a laborer. However, Priya heard about an opportunity to become a bedside assistant and decided to pursue the course. Priya found out about the course through her sister, who was pursuing a diploma for computer applications at the PACE Center. In similar fashion, her sister was also referred to the PACE Center by a friend.

This chain reaction did not stop at Priya. After completing the course successfully and finding a job, Priya encouraged a close friend and classmate, Sandhya, to take the bedside assistance course. Because Sandhya was able to witness Priya’s steady transformation, she agreed to give it a try. After completing the course, Sandhya was also hired at the same hospital that Priya works at. Currently, Priya is training and onboarding Sandhya to the hospital. This domino effect captures the power of sharing opportunities and experiences.  

Priya’s employer, Dr. Varma, described Priya as extremely self-motivated and enthusiastic. He continued on to say, “When she tries a new procedure or witnesses a new type of practice, it is a new adventure for her. She is full of zest and has the willingness to work more hours if necessary.” The exposure that Priya has gotten to different practices has expanded her horizons. Now, she sees a long-term future in a department such as acupuncture or acupressure.

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